Outreach Ministries

Outreach and Evangelism: An important part of growth and wholeness

A key component of the early days of Teen Challenge was to deploy students to the streets to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God and the deliverance available through Jesus. This facet of our program carries on today in a number of ways. Some of those are highlighted in the sections below.

ATCNI MEN of WORK: Working with the Community

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For many of our students, consistent work disciplines are lost when they begin the road to addiction. Our work therapy program is an important part of our holistic Christ-centered approach to transformation. Our students are taught to be on time, to work with excellence, to hold a proper view of their employer, and to see their labor as done as unto the Lord. If you are in need of help, we welcome you to partner with us to provide opportunities for our students to learn skills that will help them grow as men, earning a livelihood and sustaining themselves and their families in the future.

Contact our work coordinator for more information.


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An important part of our work therapy program is the ATCNI Detail Center. Our team is dedicated to providing each customer with a high quality detail. We have numerous fleet accounts, and also run some great deals on car wash service. When you need a detail, think ATCNI Detail Center where The Quality is in the Details. Book your detail today!.

Stay Sharp

Stay Sharp is Adult & Teen Challenge USA’s hard-hitting, high-energy substance abuse prevention event designed to provide awareness for school students. It offers a glimpse into the consequences that bad choices can bring. A multimedia presentation addresses the facts, misinformation, and costs of substance abuse; while young presenters relate their own experiences with the destructive consequences substance abuse had on them and their families.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a Stay Sharp event at your school or church.

Ready Now Non-Residential Alcohol and Drug Recovery Program

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Ready Now Recovery is a non-residential approach to confronting life-controlling issues. While long-term residential programming provides the most effective method of regaining control of your life and experiencing lasting transformation; we know that when you say you aren’t ready, you may actually mean that your financial barriers or family responsibilities are too great to allow you to commit to a residential program. Ready Now provides a path to recovery without threatening your ability to provide. Ready Now is taking applications now for individuals seeking freedom and support, as well as for companies and churches willing to provide a private meeting place. Reach out to us today for more information. We are ready now to help!

Rescue Coffee Roasters

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In 2021, we learned that Teen Challenge Liberia was forced to close its doors due to lack of funds. Connections were made in the Body of Christ, and the idea of Rescue Coffee Roasters and Split the Bean was born. God intervened in answer to prayer, when Julianna Johnson gifted a plot of land to create a new, permanent home for the Teen Challenge residential facility. The response to Rescue Roasters has been phenomenal. As we split the profits from the sales of our fair trade, organic coffees and beans, we know that lives will be freed from life controlling issues not only in Indiana, but in Liberia as well!
Visit Rescue Coffee Roasters Today!.